OFF GRID, Vienna, 07-09, September, 2022

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Pitch Grant Grand Prix at Shogunzuka Seiryuden, Kyoto in 2022

I am very grateful to participate OFF GRID in Vienna.

I will exhibit my "disguise" series.

​ウィーンで開催されるOFF GRID”disguise” シリーズが展示されます。




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Recently, my work 'disguise' won the Grand Prix at PITCH GRANT organised by Kosuke Okahara,

as a result of visitors' votes.


I am very grateful to PITCH GRANT for giving me this opportunity and to the jury for selecting the finalists.

It is grateful to know that my work can be understood by the people who were there.


I will do my best to get the DISGUISE series into a book in a proper format!

先日行われた、岡原功祐さん主催のPITCH GRANTにて、




これほどにも嬉しいことなのだと知ることができ、このような機会を設けてくださったPITCH GRANTと、



”disguise” シリーズが、きちんとした形で本になれるように、頑張ります。



IMA next "OTHER HISTORIES"  Grand Prix


The series "disguise" was awarded by Simon Baker, who is the director of MEP in Paris.

Thank you very much for your  interest in my work.

You can find the comment from Simon Baker about my work from here .

Thank you very much to the IMA next team for this wonderful opportunity.

I will continue this project as a book and hope to complete the book as soon as possible!




素晴らしい機会を与えてくださったIMA nextチームの皆様、ありがとうございました。


PITCH GRANT Final Presantation 16.04.2022

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I will participate as a finalist in the presentation of PITCH GRANT on 16.04.2022.

PITCH GRANTの最終審査が京都にある青蓮院の将軍塚青龍殿で行われます。



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