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During World War II, Switzerland implemented a military strategy called “Réduit” that lasted from 1940 to 1944.  General Guisan conducted the “Rütlirapport” on 25th July 1940 on the Rütli, a site important to the Swiss myth, which was intended to communicate the military strategy to the soldiers. “Réduit” led to the construction of numerous bunkers, which were covered with camouflage to blend in with the mountain. I believe that the landscape created by “Réduit” is not only a remnant of the past, but also a visible concept of political neutrality, which still continue and  effects everybody.

These are not conventional photographs of bunkers as a record, but the work is about the history of myths and states as seen in Errnst Cassirer's "The Myth of the State" theory, which is about the history of the approach of myths and states.

© 2023 Eriko Miyata 

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